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We pioneered investing in mutual funds in Asia and offered Hong Kong investors their first chance to invest overseas in 1969.

With a reputation for investment excellence and product innovation, we offer expertise across the broadest range of mainstream and specialist asset classes: equities, balanced and fixed income (convertibles and bonds), liquidity (cash), plus alternative investments.

We believe our wide range of funds offers investors an efficient, simple way to build up wealth and their individual investment goals.

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This share class is not available on the J.P. Morgan eTrading platform. For more information including performance data, please contact your bank or financial adviser instead.
Please refer to the respective offering document and/or Information memorandum of the specific hedge fund including the risk factors before subscribing. If you are in any doubt, please consult your usual financial adviser and obtain professional advice. Hedge funds use alternative investment strategies and the risks inherent in them are not typically encountered in traditional funds. Hedge funds undertake special risks that may lead to a substantial or total loss of capital and there is no guarantee that the relevant investment objective can be achieved. Therefore, investment in hedge funds is only suitable for sophisticated investors who can afford the risks. Investors are also advised to consider their own financial circumstances and the suitability of hedge funds as part of their investment portfolio.

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