How to Get Started on Investment Planning

J.P. Morgan Asset Management makes it easy for you to create your own investment plan to meet your financial goals. Simply follow these four easy steps and be on your way to investment success:
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Know yourself
  • What is your investment objective - saving for school fees, building a retirement fund, increasing your capital or preserving the wealth you already have?
  • How much time do you have to reach your investment objective?
  • Are you new to or very experienced in mutual fund or stock investments?
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Choose funds to suit your needs
Once you've established your objectives, time frame and level of experience, select a portfolio of funds that best suit your investment needs, bearing in mind that:

  • You should aim for a globally diversified portfolio. Diversification reduces risk because your money is spread across many different markets.
  • You can mix money, bond and equity funds to suit your time frame and risk profile.
  • If you are aiming for capital preservation or looking at a short-term investment, concentrate on money funds.
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Open an account

Please complete the MasterAccount Application form and submit the required documents by post.

  • Complete MasterAccount Application Form.

  • Return Forms with Documents. Your investment will be made once all required documents have been received by us and the payment is received.
    Please post the following documents along your application:

    • A completed and signed Application Form and all document(s) as provided.
    • A signed Autopay Direct Debit Authorisation Form. The Form should bear your name as shown in the identity document and can be drawn on your account with HSBC or Hang Seng Bank. The signatures on the Autopay Direct Debit Authorisation Form and the MasterAccount Application Form should be the same.
      A cheque payable to “JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Ltd” for amount not less than HK$10,000. The cheque should bear your name as shown in the identity document and is drawn on your account with any licensed bank in Hong Kong. The signatures on the cheque and the MasterAccount Application Form should be the same.
    • A certified true copy of your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or your Passport. For residents with right of abode in Hong Kong, please provide certified true copy of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card. Other residents please provide certified true copy of passport.
    • Original or certified true copy of residential address proof such as utility bill, bank statement or other documents acceptable to JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Limited dated within the last 3 months.
    • Proof of Standing Payment Instructions such as a copy of bank passbook or debit card or bank statement of a Hong Kong licensed bank that bears both your name and account number
    • Financial Health Check Questionnaire
    • Financial Health Check Questionnaire - Derivatives Knowledge
    • Self-Certification Form

You can mail your application to:

JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Limited
GPO Box 11448, Hong Kong
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Keep track of your investments

After your application has been accepted and your MasterAccount activated, you will be able to enjoy
the online trading services and keep track of your investments via J.P. Morgan eTrading site.

You can keep track of your account and access investment information as follows:

  • By internet - J.P. Morgan eTrading site
  • By phone - J.P. Morgan InvestorLine (852) 2265 1188 (Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Mon – Fri) .

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