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J.P. Morgan Asset Management continues to lead the way in providing innovative services to our valued clients. Our aim is simple - to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your investments, leaving you more time to enjoy life.
J.P. Morgan eTrading
Direct investors in our funds can review their account and transaction history as well as place buy, sell and switch orders by using their MasterAccount number and confidential PINs.
J.P. Morgan eTrading Website

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JPM Funds InvestorLine
With one telephone call, you have access to:

* Daily prices and performances
* Weekly market commentary
* Recommended fund portfolios
* Account valuation and dealing facility

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Call one of our friendly Investment Advisers on:
(852) 2265 1188

Regular Statement and Publications
Regular Statement and Publications
Unitholders will receive monthly, easy-to-read statements which summarise their holdings in each fund, the value of each holding and the value of their total portfolio, as well as details of any transactions completed during the period under review.

  Regular publications such as
Monthly Investment Bulletin,
our quarterly newsletter
Dollars & Sense and Monthly
Fund Reports are available
electronically or by mail.


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