Online Security

Security information you need to study before using our website(s):

Protect your privacy:

J.P. Morgan Asset Management will never ask you to send personal information, such as your MasterAccount number, PIN(s), account balance and identity card/passport number, etc., directly via email. If we do request such information, we always use secure and encrypted sites.

Am I in the right website?

Whenever you suspect that a website is not what it purports to be, leave the site immediately. To ensure you are in the official J.P. Morgan Asset Management website, always type a URL directly in your address bar to access(e.g. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE SITE THAT YOU DON'T TRUST.

We only use the following domains as the gateway to websites: (Content website) (eTrading website) (B2B website)

How do I know whether I'm protected?

You should avoid clicking the misleading web address that may bring you to other unexpected web sites.
Before making any transactions, please click on the keylock icon at the bottom of your browser to verify the validity of digital certificate for the website. For example, you should be able to see a security certificate being issued to or when accessing to our etrading website – J.P. Morgan eTrading or B2B website.